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May 13, 2017
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July 18, 2017

How to start with MATLAB? Basic Introduction

MATLAB is a mathematical and graphical software package with numerical, graphical, and programming capabilities. It has built-in functions to perform many operations, and there are toolboxes that can be added to augment these functions (e.g., for signal processing). There are versions available for different hardware platforms, in both professional and student editions.

MATLAB command window

The >> is called the prompt. In the Student edition, the prompt instead is:
EDU>> In the Command Window, MATLAB can be used interactively. At the prompt, any MATLAB command or expression can be entered, and MATLAB will respond immediately with the result. It is also possible to write programs in MATLAB that are contained in script files or M-files. The following commands can serve as an introduction to MATLAB and allow you to get help:

n demo will bring up MATLAB examples in the Help Browser, which has examples of some of the features of MATLAB n help will explain any function;

 help will explain how help works n lookfor searches through the help for a specific word or phrase (note: this can take a long time) n doc will bring up a documentation page in the Help Browser.

To exit from MATLAB, either type quit or exit at the prompt, or click on MATLAB, then Quit MATLAB from the menu.

How Important is MATLAB?

MATLAB is fairly important for engineer’s dealing with ‘signals’. It is used for rapid prototyping, meaning you can quickly code your ‘idea’ and you can simulate near to practical scenarios to measure its performance. So, how would this help you ? Coding is relatively easier in MATLAB because of vast number of IP’s. This reduces your coding time allowing you to invest more on developing the method.

“How important is MATLAB” actually depends on the  question “What are you going to do with it ?”. Often there are various tools for various branches :
1. For Image Processing/Computer vision  applications you have many choices such as Numpy, MATLAB, OpenCV.
2. For Machine Learning/ Data Analysis R, MATLAB, Scipy, Weka
3. For Speech related tasks HTK, Sphinx, MATLAB

4. For Electrical System designing.

You should notice that MATLAB can do many things ‘quickly’ but the trade-off is it is often not the most efficient way to solve the problem. I think what makes MATLAB stand apart is its diversity(Instead of  learning various languages, if you know MATLAB you can do almost each and every task) and very smooth learning curve (You dont need profrssional training in MATLAB, there are number of resources and it is literally easy to learn ). MATLAB is very good if you are in the learning phase. Once you decide your field, then you can switch to more advanced tools which are better than MATLAB.

MATLAB is the most important in-demand skill for an electrical engineer. 

Current Demand Application of MATLAB in the electrical field

The world is moving towards renewable energy to reduce the corbon emission and hybrid renewable energy generation is the demand research field in the electrical engineering. Most of the Students doing some research paper on Solar-Wind Hybrid system. For the simulation of the system MATLAB provides a easy way to simulate these model.

MATLAB has powerfull built-in Library, In the simulink you can create the mathematical model of your system and run it to test it in various conditions. Lets Take an example


Now lets Create a PV cell In MATLAB.

The Physical Model of Solar cell (electrical circuit).

I = IL – ID


ID = Diode current;

IL = Photoelectric current related to a given condition of radiation and of temperature.



ID diode current is given by the Shockley equation-                                                                             Where:

V = Output voltage [V];

Io = Diode saturation current [A];

Y = form factor which represents an index of the cell failing;

RS =Series resistance of the cell [Ω];

q = electron charge (1.602×10-19 C);

k = Boltzmann constant (1.381×10-23 J/K);

TC = photovoltaic cell temperature [K]



The output Voltages of Cell

This is the mathematical modeling of a solar cell, for a electrical engineer it is required to have knowlegdge of these equestion. In Matlab you can create the mathematical model by combining these equation which will give you the same results as a soalr cell. Or you can use the inbuilt model of SOLAR CELL Arrey  given in the simulink library of the MATLAB.

Solar Arrey in Simulink library

I recommend that for the better results and control over your system you should create your own solar cell with help of using equations.

A working solar panel developed with the help of equation in MATLAB

With MATLAB it become easy to create any electrical system because of its powerfull libraby and easy user interface.

I am doing the designing of renewable systems from 2014. The burning topics in the field of electrical engineering is Hybrid System(WIND+PV, SMART GRID etc) contains different renewable energy sources. You can check my work on my YOUTUBE My Youtube Channel. My work is based in Smart GRID system which used smart control system( A combination of Neural Network or Fuzzy System). If You need any type of help regarding the MATLAB ( Programing, designing, GUI)  You can contact me on this page, or on my youtube channel or you can drop a mail at

Soon i am going to publish a book of MATLAB , specially On the designing of various renewable system in the simulink. Drop your suggestion for the book.

Thank you !! Keep designing, Keep Reading.

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