Neural Networks in MATLAB
May 13, 2017

Design Of Control System by MATLAB

The adoption of MATLAB software can enable the computer simulation design and virtual experiment to synchronously implement the design and experiment without the restrictions of components. Meanwhile, it will facilitate the adjustment and coverage of circuit parameters and realize the updating change of the electric appliance parts, which helps improve the comprehensive design and experiment ability of the students. The simulation is beneficial to cultivate students’ thinking and innovation ability, ensure them to master experimental analysis methods on the basis of the grasp of software technology, and boost their study interest.

The application of MATLAB software in the control system. In the professional learning process, the main content of the control system includes modern control theories, automatic control principles and so on. In the learning process of control principles, MATLAB software can be applied to the analysis and design of simulation experiments to get full knowledge of the system’s working principles, control parameters and other contents. In the control system, the simulation analysis is mainly carried out by the Simulink system’s qualitative experimental analysis to analyze the changes of the system performance along with different parameters and make improvements accordingly. For example, in the learning process of the analysis on spring-mass-damper mechanical displacement system, Chart 1 is a simulation model with a mass of 5 kg, a spring damping factor f of 0.5 and an elasticity coefficient of 5. Assuming that the initial speed of the object is 0, under the condition that the external force F(t) has changed, we analyze the displacement changes of the mass and further obtain knowledge of the system performance by the simulation results.

The application of MATLAB software in the electric traction system. The electric traction system drives the operation of machines by motors and at the same time runs according to the relevant rules. In the electric drive system, the automatic control device is a major part. To control automatic machinery equipment, it is essential to find the corresponding regular changes, control the important physical parameters and the rotating speed of motors, and so on. The electric traction system includes mainly AC velocity modulation, pulse width modulation and so on, the simulation of which can all be realized by MATLAB software.

The application of MATLAB software in electricity system modeling. The electricity system belongs to the consumption and production system, including different parts like electricity generating, electricity distributing, electricity consuming and so on. Transient process, stable state running and so on need to be analyzed in electricity system, like Electricity System Tidal Current Energy Computation and short circuit failure computation and so on, which are all basic knowledge of electricity system learning. During learning, simulation modeling can be realized through the usage of MATLAB software. In practical work, staff can get the optimal parameters through simulation modeling by MATLAB software.

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