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May 10, 2017
How to start with MATLAB? Basic Introduction
May 13, 2017

Neural Networks in MATLAB

“A neural network is an interconnected assembly of simple processing elements, units or nodes, whose functionality is loosely based on the animal neuron. The processing ability of the network is stored in the inter-unit connection strengths, or weights, obtained by a process of adaptation to, or learning from, a set of training patterns.”

Commonly neural networks are adjusted, or trained, so that a particular input leads to a specific target output. Such a situation is shown below. There, the network is adjusted, based on a comparison of the output and the target, until the network output matches the target. Typically, many such input/target pairs are used, in this supervised learning, to train a network. Batch training of a network proceeds by making weight and bias changes based on an entire set (batch) of input vectors. Incremental training changes the weights and biases of a network as needed after presentation of each individual input vector. Incremental training is sometimes referred to as “on line” or “adaptive” training.

In MATLAB If you open the Neural Network block, you can see more details as.

After putting some values according to our need using toolbox we get-

Neural Network Applications-

  • Business Applications

The 1988 DARPA Neural Network Study [DARP88] lists various neural network applications, beginning in about 1984 with the adaptive channel equalizer. This device, which is an outstanding commercial success, is a single- neuron network used in long-distance telephone systems to stabilize voice signals. The DARPA report goes on to list other commercial applications, including a small word recognizer, a process monitor, a sonar classifier, and a risk analysis system.

  • Aerospace

High performance aircraft autopilot, flight path simulation, aircraft control systems, autopilot enhancements, aircraft component simulation, aircraft component fault detection

  • Automotive

Automobile automatic guidance system, warranty activity analysis

  • Banking

Check and other document reading, credit application evaluation

  • Credit Card Activity

Checking Neural networks are used to spot unusual credit card activity that might possibly be associated with loss of a credit card.

  • Defense

Weapon steering, target tracking, object discrimination, facial recognition, new kinds of sensors, sonar, radar and image signal processing including data compression, feature extraction and noise suppression, signal/image identification

  • Electronics

Code sequence prediction, integrated circuit chip layout, process control, chip failure analysis, machine vision, voice synthesis, nonlinear modeling

  • Entertainment

Animation, special effects, market forecasting

  • Financial

Real estate appraisal, loan advisor, mortgage screening, corporate bond rating, credit-line use analysis, portfolio trading program, corporate financial analysis, currency price prediction

  • Industrial

Neural networks are being trained to predict the output gasses of furnaces and other industrial processes. They then replace complex and costly equipment used for this purpose in the past.

  • Insurance

Policy application evaluation, product optimization

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing process control, product design and analysis, process and machine diagnosis, real-time particle identification, visual quality inspection systems, beer testing, welding quality analysis, paper quality prediction, computer-chip quality analysis, analysis of grinding operations, chemical product design analysis, machine maintenance analysis, project bidding, planning and management, dynamic modeling of chemical process System.

  • Medical

Breast cancer cell analysis, EEG and ECG analysis, prosthesis design, optimization of transplant times, hospital expense reduction, hospital quality improvement, emergency-room test advisement

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Robotics

Trajectory control, forklift robot, manipulator controllers, vision systems

  • Speech

Speech recognition, speech compression, vowel classification, text-to- speech synthesis

  • Securities

Market analysis, automatic bond rating, stock trading advisory systems

  • Telecommunications

Image and data compression, automated information services, real-time translation of spoken language, customer payment processing systems

  • Transportation

Truck brake diagnosis systems, vehicle scheduling, routing system.

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